Oregon Conceal Carry Information


Oregon Conceal Carry Laws

Shall Issue Permits issued to Residents and Non-Residents of bordering states

21 years of age required

Valid for 4 years

$65 Initial / $50 Renewal

Processing Time within 45 Days

Oregon CW laws on NRA.com.

How To Get Your Oregon Conceal Carry License

Doc Holliday's Guns Grants Pass will put you in touch with the Conceal Carry instructors in the area.

All applications for Concealed Handgun Licenses are initiated through the county Sheriff’s office in your county of residence. Concealed Handgun License applicant fingerprint cards are processed and established in the Computerized Criminal History records of Oregon's Criminal Offender Information system to assist the counties in their background investigation process.  

Carrying a Firearm in Your Vehicle in Oregon

 It is unlawful possession of a firearm for a person to knowingly carry any firearm concealed upon their person or possessing a handgun that is concealed and readily accessible to the person within any vehicle. To legally carry a concealed handgun you must obtain the License to Carry a Concealed Handgun. You apply for this license at your local Sheriff's Dept.

Firearm Disqualifiers - Can You Purchase a Firearm in Oregon?

Go to the Oregon.gov website by following the Find Out More link below to find out if you are qualified to purchase a firearm and/or carry a firearm in Oregon.