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Check Out the Gen5 Glock 17 & 19


The new and improved Gen 5 Glock 19 and 17 pistols have arrived. Come on down and check out the flared magwell, smoother trigger pull and the nDLC coated slide. You didn't think GLOCK could get any better did you?

We Sell Classic Firearms


As one of the few local gun shops to offer Consignment firearms, we are lucky to have a large selection of used, classic guns. You might be surprised what you find on the shelves!

What Handgun is best for me?


We get this question all the time. We encourage our customers to talk with us, explain what their expectations are and their experience with handling firearms so we can help them make the right choice

Local Firearm Instruction


We work with the most well respected firearm and conceal carry instructors in the Rogue Valley. We will discuss your needs and get you connected with the instructor that's right for you.

Oregon Conceal Carry Info


Having your conceal carry license is a big responsibility. Here is some good information to help guide you on your path as an armed citizen in this wild world.

Join the NRA Now!


Do you enjoy your 2nd Ammedment Right to Bear Arms? If so, it might be a good idea to join the NRA and support the one industry that is working to protect your rights in this particularly PC world.

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